Serge in blesser TV show. And also features on MTV Shuga

THE Blesser is getting a TV show about his own life.

This after Serge Cabonge the self proclaimed international blesser was approached by MTV Live from London to document his lavish lifestyle.

A source close to the situation suggests that the documentary will be aired in a few months’ time. Rawbust Productions further confirmed that he will feature this coming wednesday 7 June on MTV Shuga which will be aired on MTV Base at 9pm and on SABC1 end of June.

Guys from MTV approached Serge in January with the concept, and that’s when discussions about the documentary started said a source from showbiz.

“Serge is excited about the documentary because he feels that last year many people in the country got the blesser thing completely the wrong way.

Last year, the blesser shot to fame when he said he willingly spoiled the women in his life.

“One thing we’re not going to accommodate is that other people think we buy sex” serge said in a call with Times Media this morning.

“My woman can’t be spoiled by anyone else but me. And I need to show her how I love and appreciate her love for me”.

“The documentary will be aired all over the world,” Serge said”.

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