Musician Penny Penny to hand out books in schools.

The Muso Penny Penny, real name Eric Nkovani, said he has always recognized the importance of schooling and had wished his children would not be like him.

He may never have seen the inside of a classroom a day in his life, but that has only fueled his value towards education.

“I worked on a farm as a child at the age of 10, then I went to the mines. I also sold vegetables in the streets because I never got an education. I’ve never been inside a classroom, I don’t have an idea of what happens in there. School is important and knowledge is the future. Education will help you live a good life. Penny Penny said

“I am self taught in all that I have and know. It was so embarrassing after I asked a friend to read to me a letter that was sent to me from home when we were in the mines, I then decided to learn how to write and read my name and then developed from there.” he said

He said his father died in 1965, leaving his mother – who was one of his 27 wives.

The books he will be giving out were donated by the Rotary Club and will fill libraries of primary and high schools in the area. His reality show Papa Penny Ahee is currently shooting its upcoming season and is scheduled to be back on TV by October.

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