B3nchmarQ Premiers Wayase music video on channel O.

You might have heard that B3nchmarQ is the most hardworking Hip-Hop duo in Africa and have been hot through 3 seasons of 2017, including winter – that’s true. The internationally acclaimed musical dyad recently wrapped up their U.K tour and a few more shows in South Africa before shooting the much-anticipated visuals for their hit single ‘Wayase’ which they performed on eTV’s Club 808 this past Friday.


The video premiered on Channel O’s Crispy Fresh as a surprise drop last night; receiving great reviews from hearty eye-balls. If you missed it don’t despair you won’t just see it again today but through Spring & Summer seasons across all music channels along with their latest collaborations, including the chart-topping ‘Flight Mode’ with DJ P.H & DA L.E.S

Keeping the order of letting music do the talking; the duo has released their first full project, which is a special one not only for them but their fans who have seen them move from being signed to starting their own label. ‘Aspen’ – the EP, challenges the status-quo on the competitive circuit as it highlights an even bigger resurgent of who B3nchmarQ is. The 8-track project is the first full offering to come out of the duo’s label XLR Music Group so you can trust they came right for first-impression’s sake.

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