Lipstick Tips

Let’s face it, being a varsity student is hard work. With you finally having left your parent’s nest, you must now learn the art of independence and grow into your own being! Besides having to slay in tutorials and exams, your demanding schedule still needs to fit in a party or two and the odd social appearance here and there.

There’s just one catch though – have you ever tried to look good and keep up with the Mkhize’s on your student budget? Almost impossible – especially with those ever-increasing prices on good-quality cosmetics ladies (side eyes MAC Cosmetics).

But, keep calm and trust in us as we guide you on what affordable MAC matte lipstick alternatives you can try out there.

Mac Rebel: For those vampy dark berry tone lipstick nights, try Wet & Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy and no one will know the difference!

Mac Viva Glam Nicki: If you’re feeling sassy and want to Minaj it out in Nicki’s inspired lipstick, then Wet & Wild’s Pinkerbelle is just the match for you.

Mac Ruby Woo: This is the gods of all red lipstick gods! Simply put on Revlon’s Really Red colour and we guarantee that no one will be able to tell the difference.

MAC Fleshpot: It can’t be a lipstick article without featuring a nude lippie. To dupe this nude baby, opt for NYX Nude or NYX Echo and you’re good to go!





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