New show that unveils big secrets to be hosted by Khanyi Mbau

TV and radio personality Khanyi Mbau is set to take the reins on a new reality show, The Big Secret  which will feature people who want to set themselves free by revealing their “darkest secrets”.

People who appear on the show will confess their secrets to family members, close friends or lovers over 13 weeks.

Khanyi who once hogged headlines for her own personal life and romantic relationship, as well as for being a ‘self-confessed gold-digger,’ said the show aimed to build and inspire people.

“Secrets trap people and stop them from progressing with their lives. The show is a platform for guests participating to free themselves emotionally and finally choose to live the life they were destined to. The Big Secret aims to support participants to build, empower and inspire themselves,” she said in a statement.

Khanyi told Sowetan that she learnt that accepting her flaws liberated her. “Accepting my truth has given me a second chance in life. I looked at my life and found that accepting my flaws made me stronger, and it’s time to help others,” she said.

The show will air on October 18 on BET Africa at 9.30pm.

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