Touch HD absorbs another media personality. Ntando Duma

Media personality Ntando Duma is the new addition to popular online radio station Touch HD.

Duma will be hosting a one-hour show called Black Twitter Unleashed from today.

The weekday show will be focusing on trending topics on social media, mostly Twitter, and the host will also be speaking to people behind the tweets.

“We will be talking about all things that are trending, all the controversial stories and we’re going to have the twelebs (twitter celebrities) and have all the people that tweet and we don’t even know their faces,” she said.

Duma said that often a tweet is misinterpreted and can end up trending for the wrong reasons.

“What is the motive behind the tweet? We want to understand it because now the minute people misunderstand it trends for the wrong reasons.”

Among other things, the show will also be delving into the concept of Twitter celebrities. Duma said she was excited about the show as they will be uncovering the different types of Black Twitter which range from Woke Twitter to CSI Twitter.

“So that’s Black Twitter as a whole and we’re just owning it because there’s no White Twitter, only Black Twitter.”

Duma said she had set her sights on getting a radio gig in 2017 and that her decision to leave Rhythm City was solely because she wanted to explore other career avenues.

“I’m not going back to Rhythm City. I left because I wanted to do all these things that I’m doing now because when you are on other channels you can’t do things on other channels because you are limited to do certain things.

The 22-year-old new mom has described motherhood as “the best thing that’s ever happened” to her. She gave birth to Sbahle Mzizi in June.

“This moment came at the right time, I think God knew I had to have a baby at this time.

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“It’s so amazing I’m having another one soon,” Duma giggled.

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