Cyril Ramaphosa may not affect his political campaign. Here are 5 proofs

Like his boss, Zuma who was roped in a sex scandal, Deputy Cyril Ramaphosa is having his own trial period as a fresh allegation emerged with claims that he is a blesser.

This is according to a Sunday Independent newspaper report which claims Deputy Ramaphosa had affairs with eight women.

Though the deputy President and party hopeful has released a statement on the matter admitting that he once had an affair with a woman but that never made him a blesser, analysts also believe that the allegations against him will not hold much ground when it comes to its influence in his political career.

Ramaphosa is among the top two ANC members who are believed to become the party’s future leader after Zuma in the forth coming annual conference. He is battling for the Presidential seat with Dlamini-Zuma the former AU chairperson, as his strongest opponent.

Hence it is believed that the alleged Ramaphosa’s Sex Scandal is a share propaganda and a ‘dirty tricks campaign’ to paint him bad before the election period. “This latest episode extends far beyond an attempt at a political smear.

It represents an escalation of a dirty war against those who are working to restore the values, principles and integrity of the African National Congress and society” stated Deputy Ramaphosa in his response to the scandal.

Experts believe that Ramaphosa’s Sex Scandal was part of the dirty tricks played by the Zuma and Dlamini-Zuma faction, they also warned that it was just a taste of things to come.

Experts also believe that rather than tarnish the image of the presidential hopeful, the so-called Ramaphosa’s Sex Scandal only brought him to lime light as one who has been giving back to his country in every way possible.

Ramaphosa is supporting 54 young students: Unlike what was reported in the newspaper, Ramaphosa revealed in his statement that he is providing financial assistance to 54 students on a monthly basis and have done so for several years.

The sex scandal is a plan from within: Experts believe that the alleged sex scandal is not a plan from opposition party but an inside work by one of the ANC factions.

“It’s a battle between the two factions to destroy each other’s credibility as both gun for the top position during the ANC’s national elective conference in December,” said Political analyst Ralph Mathekga.

“These e-mails show the extent to which comrades are prepared to go out at each other for a favourable outcome in the elective conference. It shows the level of desperation.

The stakes are high. No stone will be left unturned.” The allegation will not affect his relationship with his wife: The Sunday Independent reported that Ramaphosa had used three alternative e-mails under pseudonyms – Mambo Dimbanyika, Singo Maberemisa and Mambo Velelambeu – to communicate with the women, some of whom Ramaphosa maintains financially, paying their accommodation and tuition fees.

Ramaphosa has since admitted to having an affair but says he told his wife eight years ago and ended the relationship.

Allegation similar to ‘stratkom’ techniques of the apartheid-era: Ramaphosa, like some political analysts, likened the allegation to the “Stratkom” disinformation campaigns of the apartheid era which has in the recent past, targeted several political leaders, trade unionists, journalists and civil society activists.

No allegation of rape: Unlike Zuma’s rape scandal which was dragged to court, Ramaphosa’s case is unlikely to reach the court. Breakfast host Bongani Bingwa, standing in for Xolani Gwala, however, asked:

“The real question for me this morning is: Is the bar set so low that when details of lurid affairs emerge about a favourite candidate, we breathe a sigh of relief because at least this time there is no allegation of rape? Do we shrug this one off too because we want the king to fall?”

Bingwa thinks it’s not unreasonable to question a person’s fidelity to the Constitution if they are unable to keep faith with the one they love. Read Also: Deputy Cyril Won’t Make

A Good President, He’s A Wife Beater Political analyst Daniel Silke said that the latest “dirty tricks” widely named Ramaphosa’s Sex Scandal would not substantively damage his campaign. “This is a trick tried all over the world. The personal lives of politicians in South Africa have never been an issue that voters take too seriously. It would be far more serious if there were financial improprieties,” he said.


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