Hollywood stars that came to the rescue of Hurricane Harvey Victims

Beyonce, Kevin Hart, Chris young and the Kardashians are just a few of popular Hollywood stars who have forked out thousands of dollars to help officials in the flood relief efforts to aid Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston.

Hart made a clarion call on social media, telling his famous friends to chip in after the comedian announced that he has made a $25 000 donation to the American Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

He made the announcement in an Instagram video he posted on Sunday. In the video, Hart said he was starting a celebrity challenge as well as an online fundraiser for the Red Cross to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

He added that while we are all guilty of participating in a lot of online challenges including the meaningless ones, it would be nice to do the same for a good cause.

Accordingly, he called on the likes of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jerry Seinfeld to make their own pledge.

“This is a serious matter,” Hart said in the video. “I think the people are in bad shape and they need help. I’m going to lead the charge and step it up in this way.”

Apparently, Hart’s call for help reached the right people as multiple celebrities have opened their hearts and fat pockets to help the victims.

Though unspecified, Beyonce who is one of the famous natives of Houston has pledged a generous amount to the cause.

The pop superstar said in a statement to the Houston Chronicle, that she was working out details with her team and her Houston pastor “to implement a plan to help as many as we can.”

Also, Canadian rapper Drake said he’s working with relief groups to aid in any way possible.

“I encourage everyone to do what they can to assist the people of Texas knowing whatever effort you can make to help will go a long way,” Drake wrote on Instagram.

Country star Chris Young announced on Twitter that he has started an online fundraiser for the Red Cross to aid the Hurricane Harvey victims. He donated $100 000 to it. The campaign had taken in an additional $205 000 by Tuesday morning

A spokeswoman for Kim Kardashian says she and her reality TV star family have given $250 000 to the Red Cross and $250 000 to the Salvation Army.

American actress Sandra Bullock also donated $1m to the American Red Cross to help the storm victims.

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