Perfect Summer Shoes for Men

There is no denying that summer in South Africa is a big deal and ultimately a ‘stayela’ parade. To complement your swanky outfit you have to wear shoes that match.

For the guys specifically, a nice and simple shoe can elevate an outfit and take it to the next level. Here are three shoes and sneakers we think are perfect for the South African summer season.

Waffle Running Shoes

Running shoes are renowned and favoured for their ultimate comfort; it would only make sense to have a comfortable shoe like this in your arsenal this summer.

Considering the fact that there is a lot happening in summer, which will require a lot of movement and dancing, you will need something you can wear for longer periods while still looking stylish. The leather finishes make for a versatile shoe that can elevate even the most simple of outfits into something carved by the ‘Style Gods’.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are a South African hit for a reason. The popular canvas has seen major reinterpretation and facelifts in the past five years – with major brands collaborating and merging companies to create the most technological canvas shoe yet.

This is definitely a must-have this summer; the low-cut can be paired with nice tapered denim jeans and a basic white tee and you are good to go.

Bulky Running Shoe

The “All American” running shoe has gotten a fresh face lift and some modern technology. It has been perceived as a ‘Dad Shoe’ by many but that’s a thing of the past.

The new wave of vintage marathon shoe models feature breathable mesh and cushioning that creates a great ventilation system for the sweaty summer feet. This is sure to be a smash this summer.

Which of these summer shoes do you plan on adding to your summer swag? Do let us know!

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