How to hide body flaws.

Let’s face it, not everyone has the body of a supermodel.

While some people may spend hundreds of thousands on surgery to create perfect bodies and fix certain flaws, what if there was an easier way to hide your flaws without going under the knife?

Well, according to fashion stylist Bonolo Moeng, there are tricks of the trade one can use to hide their unflattering body parts that can make clothes look unsightly.

We all have them – love handles, potbellies, man boobs and other parts of our bodies that embarrass us.

How can we create the optical illusion that they are not there?

Here’s how to camouflage the unflattering bits.

Flaws: Potbelly and love handles

While there may be joking names for a potbelly, like “cooler bag”, or “ispejeje” for love handles, the truth is that one can look ridiculous if you don’t know how to dress for your body flaws.

Moeng says there are ways to cheat based on how you dress.


– Asymmetrical and patterned dresses are good for hiding a belly, as they create a vertical line and draw attention away from the area of concern.

– A suitable winter trend is to layer up. Extra long cardigans are a sleek way to pull off the smart-casual layered look.

– Avoid garments that are bulky around the tummy area.

– A versatile, classy and multi-seasonal trend suitable to conceal love handles is a maxi dress.

– For ladies insisting on wearing shape-defining clothing, a waist trainer is every girl’s best friend when hiding love handles in tighter garments. It’s a style secret that’s red carpet ready.

– A modern take on the peplum blouse is a stunning way to accentuate the waistline yet conceal your love handles.


– The number one rule is not to wear tight tops and shirts.

– Wear your tops over your pants instead of tucking them in.

A dashiki is a street style-inspired way to pull off the look.

– Tops with vertical stripes are a slimming print trend. Try it in a monochrome hue for a trendy effect.

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Flaw: Man boobs

While Simon Cowell may have popularised man boobs, some men can be quite self-conscious about them, so much so that people even opt to undergo surgery to have the fat layers removed.

Moeng gives tips of how to camouflage this flaw.

– Several layers or thicker fabrics of clothing are exceptional in hiding your man boobs this winter. A cooler alternative is a shirt that is starchy instead of thin fabrics.

– A sleek blazer, stylish baseball or biker jacket is a great way to dress up and impress without having to raise any insecurities.

Flaw: Chicken Legs

Some people have naturally skinny legs and ankles, and may be embarrassed about putting them on show. Skinny legs can look very awkward in certain clothes.

Moeng says this is how to dress up to hide this flaw.


– Shorts are the most obvious way to expose chicken legs, so you may want to avoid them.

– Ladies should avoid knee-high dresses and skirts. Rather opt for a ¾ to ankle length dress or jumpsuit.

– Denim is more popular than ever, so a variety of long denims in different shapes (harem, bootleg) will be more than suitable throughout the year.

Chinos are a great alternative.

However, avoid skinny jeans and tapered cuts.

– Lengthy tribal print trousers are a current favourite in street fashion. Darker hues are a formal alternative.

Flaw: Back Fat

Nothing can be more unflattering than back fat yet the reality is that most people have it.

If your back fat is a cause of embarrassment for you, Moeng says there are a few tricks one can employ to cover up their woes.

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– The most essential tip is to pick out the proper fitting bra with a larger fastening area at the back to provide full support.

– Tight clothing accentuates back ripples, so dress a size up from your usual size in order to lessen the impact.

– Not only is an empire waist cinched dresses below the bust sexy, it further hides bulges below the shoulder blades.

– V-shaped back dresses and tops are cool, and help elongate your back area.


– Wear thicker fabrics such as wool and cotton and darker colours (brown, olive, maroon, and green) are good for concealing back fat.

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