Michael Jackson’s look alike Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy

Michael Jackson Doppelganger: Twitter did a double take earlier this month when a user shared the picture of her supposed boyfriend whose uncanny resemblance to the late pop king is quite unsettling.

Lourdes Zavaleta, 21 posted a picture of a man she introduced as her boyfriend and captioned it: “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”

The image which shows the man sitting in his car, wearing a baseball cap shows off some incredibly remarkable facial features similar to that of the late pop star.

Subsequently, Lourdes’ 22,900 Twitter followers didn’t waste any time in pointing out the striking similarities between the man in the picture and the Thriller hitmaker.

They were mesmerized and shocked over the doppelganger’s astounding resemblance to the Black or White singer and Twitter comedians got in on the action with some witty jabs on MJ’s most famous lyrics.

One Twitter user asked: “Does he rock with you all night?” The user was apparently referring to the 1979 hit while another tweeted: “So Billie Jean was pregnant with Michaels son?!”

“He wanna be starting something,” another fan of the singer added.

While the jokes were going on, it emerged that Lourdes, who goes by the Twitter handle Gossip Grill has no connection with the man in the picture.

She confessed that she was just joking around with her friends with the picture of the man which she found online. “Unfortunately, he’s not actually my man.

I found his picture on Twitter,” she confessed to Daily Mail Online. “The post was just a joke between my friends and me.

I posted the picture to be funny and I didn’t think so many people would see it and believe it,” she added.

Notwithstanding, the man in the picture actually exists and goes by the name Sergio Cortes.

He is a Spanish musician who has been posing as a Michael Jackson doppelganger and performer around the world. He sings, dances, and remakes the most iconic poses of the King of Pop.


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