Khanyi Mbau spends R95 000 for body upgrade.

Khanyi’s new body which we are all eager to see is expected to have the shape of an hourglass alongside other changes that would make the media personality look like a doll.

TV and radio personality Khanyi Mbau has never kept her idea of using the available resources to look her best a secret. Similarly, she doesn’t hide the fact that she goes under the knife from time to time in addition to other procedures to get her perfect look.

As she announced earlier, Khanyi has gone under the knife once again and in an exclusive interview with Drum, she offered the scoop on her latest surgical procedures.

In as much as she believes that exercise plays a major role in weight loss, Khanyi feels it doesn’t really give you that perfect body. Thus, she prefers to use surgery to fill in the gaps.

“As much as you can lose weight through exercise, there will always be pockets in your body that will never go away even if you go to the gym and that is where liposuction and tummy tucks come in; just to make sure that everything is in place,” said Khanyi.

“Wealth is not money and material, wealth is health, which is why I have partnered up with Slimatone. I take my health very seriously.”

At 32, the TV star felt that her body was failing her and she needed to do something about it. As a result, last month, the journey to Khanyi’s new body started with a waist reduction procedure as well as liposuction.

“My 32-year-old body was starting to show and I looked round. I wanted an hourglass, 22-year-old looking body, so I had a waist reduction procedure and liposuction.”

Notwithstanding, Khanyi’s new body still wasn’t complete without a new set of boobs to compliment the hourglass shape.

“I also went a cup size bigger on my breasts. I removed my C-cup implants and I am now a 32 D-cup. I want a perfect aesthetic, like a doll,” she said.

Admittedly, these procedures don’t come cheap, but Khanyi doesn’t look at the figures but at the result.

“I paid R95 000 and I am not proud because my mom will be very upset, but I had to do it. I do this because my job requires me to be a billboard.

I sell dreams for a living. As entertainers, we have the responsibility to sell vanity, an escape for people.

We need to constantly look like their dreams and their heroes. Imagine Superman with a belly,” she said.

While some might think she’s crazy, Khanyi only sees these procedures as an investment in herself. The TV presenter says she is on a mission to always reinvent herself.

“Only people like Madonna, myself and others understand that you need to reinvent yourself. Colgate and Coca-Cola are not the same as when they started.”

Khanyi’s boyfriend and penny whistle player Tebogo Lerole doesn’t always agree with her decisions but is a pillar of support for her.

“Tebogo says as long as it’s not ugly and botched then he does not mind.

He supports me, as long as I remain the same person,” Khanyi confessed. Khanyi’s new body and the procedure that birthed it will be aired on SABC 3 soon.


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