TUT Students Turn Their Events Into a war Zone.

On the 29th September TUT Soshanguve Campus hosted the beauty peageant and there were more than 10 attempts to access the event venue for free. 

It has become a culture at TUT to enter events for free, it was done on the 2nd September at TUT main campus for the Freshers ball. One of the organisers of the event posted the following on facebook

Yesterday (29 September) there was more than 10 separate attempts to enter the event for free.
Students started throwing bottles and singing (mbobo vulela) which mean a whole must be opened for them to enter for free.

The students stand outside the gates and wait for their fellow students to do the norm.

Students waiting ready with cooler boxes for a free show

The Rhythmic Trading and Projects undercorver security which was not in uniform caught a lot of these unrully academics.

Undercover security

The experts in security further rearrenged the security measure to suit the situation, they put the barricades to act as a shield againt bottles thrown at them and the students who paid and are trying to access the venue.

Shielding barricade

The security contolled and prevented all situations until the morning. Aftet the looting students accepted defeat they started to threaten to burn cars outside. This does not come as a surprice since they had burned a bus the day before. Fortunately that did not happen. The students then later on started fighting each other outside.

TUT students burn bus

Meanwhile it was an ongoing fight outside the people inside had a great show, most barely even noticed.

The event featured a lot of celebrities including Luthuli Dlamini who plays advocate Zulu on Uzalo.

When some noticed that the only way in was to buy tickets they did go and get them.

Students went on to social media earlier commenting that “TUT students dont pay event” whereas the person who started the post kind of unticipated that they will not survive this time.

Also on the ticket side there were fake tickets. This was an easy one for the security, the offenders just had to now buy another one.

Here is how you spot the difference.

The one on the is real and the one on the right is original.


Light printing

Trets to tear

Top is shining

Darker Print

No trets to tear

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Ink print

Do ignore them at events as you might have to purchase tickets twice.

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