Malusi Gigaba Expected To Announce Tax Increases

Due to the huge budget hole which the country is struggling to manage, the Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba might soon announce tax increases for South Africans.

This is according to the Democratic Alliance (DA) party. DA hinted this while it was reacting to the reports on the amount the country has spent on the Minister’s spouse international travel.

It circulated earlier that over R500,000 including a R13,000 daily allowance has been spent on international travel for the Minister’s spouse, Norma Gigaba. DA thinks this is not cool as Norma doesn’t have any official role and was only accompanying her lover during the official visits.

Reacting to the reports, DA charged that Malusi Gigaba must set an example when it comes to belt-tightening.

“The Minister of Finance … who is responsible for implementing cost containment measures, and who is likely to announce tax increases given the massive budget hole, should be setting an example when it comes to belt-tightening in South Africa,” agitated DA.

Thereafter, the party estimated based on the current rate of travel that taxpayers would spend R2.25 million on Norma Gigaba’s international travel by the next election in 2019.

To DA, the spending on the Minister’s spouse international travel is wrong irrespective of the fact that it’s not illegal.

“…Even if all the expenses were in line with the Ministerial Handbook, it is simply wrong, especially when 30.4 million people live in poverty, and battle to put bread on the table…

“I will, therefore, propose amendments to the guidelines regulating official international travel, which are set out in the Ministerial Handbook: Handbook for Members of the Executive and Presiding Officers, and which apply to members of the executive in South Africa,” stated David Maynier, the DA Shadow Minister of Finance.”

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