Somizi plans to get married and have a baby next year

Speaking on the Fresh Breakfast this morning after being ditched by a guest and having to become the subject of the conversation, dancer and choreographer extraodinaire, Somizi Mhlongo spoke about the future he has planned for himself and his mystery bae.

Somizi also spoke about the fact that he has never been straight after a fan asked if he used beign gay as a way to get ahead and insinuated that perhaps, he is secretly a straight man.

Someone else asked how long he dated ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Palesa Madisakwane for and whether or not their child, Bahumi Mhlongo, was planned.

“No, our child was not planned. We were kids… I was 21.”

“Because of societal  whatever [pressure], I thought I would be accepted better if I was with a woman but also the beauty about it is that I never lied about it. I never hid it [his sexuality] from her. From day one, I said “I’ve got a boyfriend, I think I’m bisexual and she was okay with it,” he explained.

Before adding, “I was very excited when I found out that she’s pregnant because it always bothered me that I wanted to leave a legacy and I wanted to have a biological child.”

He then exclaimed that he will be getting married next year but when it comes to Somizi, you never know when he’s being serious…

What he is serious about however is having another child by a surrogate.

“I would want to have another child out of me being selfless because my partner doesn’t have a child and he wants a child…” 

The topic then turned to his soured friendship with Bonang Matheba (as it always does) after a fan asked what REALLY happened and what he misses about their friendship.

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“I was also surprised… Actually, I was the last person to know because tha day before [the friendship ended], she was in Mauritius and I was like “I miss you” and she was like “I miss you too” and the the following day I call and she answers but she was busy and I’m like “okay, call me when you’re done” and there were no calls. I called the second day…”

DJ Fresh interjected to ask if her felt rejected and Somizi said he didn’t but that he just knew something weird was going on.

“But then I found out later that there was a rumor that she thought that I was the that who told Zinhle about their relationship but then I read the book again and found out it’s not that… It’s because I became friends with Euphonik and because I’ve witnessed Euphonik abusing her and I’m like one: me and Euphonik never spoke until after a year of our break up with her and also I’ve never witnessed Euphonik abusing her so then I was confused what it was.”

The only reason he’s sad about the end of their friendship is because he says he loved her and he still doesn’t know what he did wrong. He says he has a suspicion about what her problem with him might be but he can’t exactly pinpoint it because she has never come to him about any issues she may have had with him.

“I was obsessed with her and I was so loyal that I would even fight her battles. Even if it had nothing to do with me… I forgave her because at the end of the day she’s a child to me. She’s still young and she’s allowed to make such mistakes.” 

And on the subject about what he misses about her, he says he misses her craziness. He then revealed that he used to watch her reality show, Being Bonang, and once saw “the Bonang that he knows” come out.

“She can be prim and proper then on the flip side, the kasi comes out. She eats pap with her hands, she likes food and she likes her cocktails. I miss the cocktails during the day.”

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