HE’S OFTEN seen flashing money with at least one beautiful woman on his arm.

But for the next few days the high-flying blesser will be lying very low . . . in a hospital bed!


Serge is in Helen Joseph Hospital in Joburg, nursing his wounds after a brutal night out.

This was after Serge and his friend, Tony Kapongo, known as Tony K, had been to the Hydro strip club in Rivonia.

Serge confirmed they went to Tony’s house, not far from the club, with five women.

“When we got there Tony told the girls to strip naked,” said Serge.

He decided to go home to Centurion.

“But when I got home I saw a number of missed calls from Tony.

“I phoned back and he accused me of taking his bank cards. I drove back to Tony’s house to sort out the problem.”

That’s when the fight allegedly started.

“Tony hit me with a bottle on my left ear and it started bleeding. I threw plates at him but he hid behind the fridge,” he said.

He claimed the fight continued and Tony hit him on the arm with a hammer and threw stones at him, hitting him in the chest.

“He beat me in front of the girls. He accused me of stealing R15 000,” claimed Serge.

“When I come out of hospital I will open a case at the cop shop and I want to see justice.

”He claimed Tony K doesn’t have money and doesn’t work.

“He comes to me to buy him groceries. Sometimes I pay the Uber driver when he doesn’t have money.”

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Tony K said he and Serge both come from Angola, but he can’t trust him anymore.

He claimed when the strippers wanted money, he went upstairs with Serge where he took money from a wardrobe which they counted and gave to the girls.

Tony claimed Serge later went upstairs.

“He said he wanted to make a phone call. Then he left before the show started,” claimed Tony.

“But in the morning,” claimed Tony, “R40 000 was gone and he is the only one who went up to my bedroom. I called him and he came, but denied taking my money. He pulled a knife on me. I called my friends and he ran off,” said Tony.

“He climbed over a high wall of my complex. That is where he fell and hurt himself. He just lay there and that is when I called the paramedics.”

Tony said he still wants his money.

“How can he be a blesser when he steals from me?” asked Tony.

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