#ICUchallenge TREND

Those in the know say there is no chill in Mzansi.

This is being confirmed by the latest trend to rock social media called #ICUPOSE OR #ICUCHALLENGE.

But there’s mixed reactions about it.

In this challenge, people take pictures of themselves in a mock-ICU operation table.

Instead of the normal drip hanging on the side, various objects and substances are being used.

People have posted with weird objects and substances like irons, laptops, alcohol, sunflower oil bottles, fabric softener bottles and gas tanks amongst others.

While this has gained some traction, not all social media users are convinced.

Tumelo Jiggylakebob Malebelela said on Facebook:  “This ICU pose is an insult to the society…as you are busy posing like your in ICU, there is actually someone out there who isn’t sure if she/he is going to make it out of it,their loved ones are having sleepless nights because they don’t know what the future holds for them…and you are busy joking about it.That is high level of insensitivity.” (sic)

Said Khanyisile Sphesh Nkosi II: “The ICU pose Has to be the worst. the reason why we blacks aint taken serious is cause we take life as a.Joke.. people who did that are dissing their own kind…. do you know the pain of being in.ICU..? those people are suffering..some lose their.lifes and Yal are making it a.Joke….” (sic)





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