By now, most people are aware of the recent divorce announcement made by Trevor Gumbi and his wife, Lucille.

It also public knowledge that Trevor will be putting on what he calls “The Divorce Tour” starting November 4th at The Globe, Silverstar Casino in Johannesburg.

But what isn’t clear, is whether or not the divorce is just another celebrity publicity stunt, or if it’s truly happening.

Today, Trevor shared a post on Instagram sharing his regret for having his wife’s initials tattooed on his arm.

“My dumb ass got my wife’s initials tattooed on my arm. Now I go around lying to people that my nickname is “Low Carb Gumbi”,’ the post begins.

However, he then goes into promo mode, reminding fans about his Divorce Tour.

“Come see “The Divorce Tour” 4 November at Silverstar casino, tickets at Computicket for this #JheneAiko and many more such mistakes on my part,” said Trevor.

Trevor has come under fire from industry peers and fans since announcing the tour, calling him a fraud and accusing him of using a serious matter to promote his work.

Is the divorce real?

Is it a PR stunt?

Only time will tell.


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