ANALYSIS : AKA says he wants to be part of Cassper Nyovest’s Fill up FNB stadium.

The SA Hip Hop Analyst & Youtube Star(Over  1.5 Million Views) Tusko_D analysis AKA’s proposal to be part of the Fill Up FNB event on his “Streets is watching” Youtube show.

The analysis addresses if rapper AKA was genuine when he sent out a message on a radio interview that he will be part of the event if Cassper can pay him R1Million Rands. WATCH

This are the comments from the Youtube Channel:

An Evaluator
Nah screw AKA !!


Phiwokuhle Allan
i think AKA was joking broh, but it would be cool to see the collaboration happen


Lindokuhle Mthokozisi
But why a Million though? 😏😏


Pule Pheleu
He finally realised Cassper is the best …if u can’t beat them join them


Emmanuel Makoba
I don’t feel like AKA has ever respected Cassper. Like ever. Just so hard to believe it now.


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brendonlee ncube
nxaa Get a Ticket wena AKA


Tatenda Munyanyiwa
Aka is just trying to help cassper. We all know cassper won’t fill up one man. Last time he got help from acts like emtee wizkid nasty c. I don’t see any issue here


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Phumlani Dlamini
Loyalty is rare like cassper and a.k.a collabo..


Olebogeng Evander
He wants recognition


vuyo mbambo


quavo migos
aka is mad it would’ve been better if he sad they will do the show together and they will take R75000 and make the show but to want a million from cassper is ridiculous because cassper can fill fnb alonr


I really think this guy is bi polar. At least on drugs.


adrian nyakyi
😂 😂 i guess er one knew the answer for that


Simbongile Bukuva
AKA and Drugs Mxm


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Tiego Maepa
AKA must just sit down. He’s such an attention seeker. GOODNESS!!!!


Mzansi Street Culture
its simple.. AKA and Cassper are working together behind closed doors.. to keep each other relevant


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Lungani Mgwali
nha i don’t think AKA was serious about that , although i wish he was…….cz if he was, he would have offered 1 million himself to invest in the show nd perform for free but that was another publicity stunt he likes to pull nd we can be sure to expect another one after the show #FillupFNBstadium and honestly i don’t see how is that going to help him or his career….i guess he want’s to be part of history


that was a diss how can Cass give him million


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Obakeng Kutumela
AKA must go hang himself!


Lesedi Moleli
Nah bro, Aka will forever be Aka. We all know after a few weeks he’ll be twitting that FNB happened cause of him and all that type of shit. ” If you can’t beat them, join them. ” Aka just took n L


Katlego Rakoena
Lol! well the event needs publicity


DJ Pirano
Levels was released June 30, 2014 and only went platinum May 5, 2016 I guess it’s clear who needs help hence he always has to pull publicity stunts to boost his sales. #JustGoBuyATicket


George Wilson
Aka should do for the culture and to squash the beef not for the money.


ntuthuzelo pakade
AKA raised this after he heard that Cassper is broke hes actually making fun of Cassper


Sibusiso Gilbert jr
AKA the best in SA


Theo Fill Us


Mayson Mossan
That would be epic but what if he flipped and did a diss song ?


RealAfrika IvySon
nah bro stop being a typical fan boy. Think about this logically, a milli is not even sufficient to cover AKAs contribution to this event if he were to be part of it. First of all, Cassper is clearly struggling to fill up the stadium and with the introduction of AKA in the picture means more ticket sales. Second, AKA and Cassper will have to perform “back2back” equally and it then doesn’t make sense why Cassper should get all the profits and AKA should get anything less than a milli. If FNB is filled up, multi million profits are gonna be made, and cassper knows this, why do you think he is so willing to sell his car for it, he know he’ll get the returns and just buy the car back or an even better one. Cassper is just greedy and too proud to admit that he needs AKAs help. This is a sign of desperation that his friends are doing, 20k tickets. Its like releasing an album and buying 20k copies of it yourself, it doesnt really mean anything you just manipulating the stats

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brighton nemukula
He knew that Cass cannot afford that money


alulutho qundani
Aka knows that Cassper Nyovest will fill up on the 2nd and successfully thus making him want to be part of History…he just wants the taste of Cassper success


thabo Motaung
stupid idiot immature childish AKA he will never grow @ Pride is too much


my stuff
Lmao Hahahaha! you said it! bruh! you predicted this ish!


Mologadi Matlala


Chef Mark MB
Some typa Jay z and Nas shit ‘the ending’, forget watch tha throne bro!!!


Frans Msibi
Lets not dwell on that one milli thing… They both working together. That million request was merely a joke.


Youtube Channel
It would be the Best thing ever for SA hip hop! Supermega and Cassper? I mean Mega’s got more hits than Cassper this year, Yes and it will definitely increase the numbers but Million is a lot. but again on the flip side AKA’s presence will increase the excitement to us as fans, make it more Juicy. I mean currently, Caspper is not my number 1 rapper so I wasn’t even thinking of buying ticket and shxt but now when it’s confirmed(please tell us Tusko, the outcome) I might change my mind… on the flip, Tusko might be right, I also find it a bit hard to believe that AKA genuinely wants to be part of it njeee. it might be a plan to promote his album and songs. …anyway Cassper’s too rich, he can definitely afford it, I personally think he should just give him a benefit of a doubt, it might be a win-win situation

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Mojalefa Star Sphetecular
this two will always have beef cause they live for money so we know that


Phillip Sibanda
He’s just trippin … what makes him wanna work with Casper and yet he said he didnt want to work with him


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