Watch : Yena Ayakwini’s hot performance

A video of Buti Majulle of Yena Aya Kwini fame performing on stage has surfaced.

The video shows the excited pint-sized Majulle dancing with a girl on stage.

The girl makes sexy dance moves towards him while Buti Majulle, who can’t hide his excitement, keeps on singing ‘Yena Aya Kwini’.

Majulle rose to fame on social media for using a Tsonga Phrase ‘Yena Aya Kwini’ which loosely translate ”Serves you right, where were you going?”


Majulle made the phrase famous when he first appeared in a video in which he is blaming a family member who is spreading gossip about him.

Then Mzansi people adopted this phrase and started using it hilariously on social media.

Majulle has capitalised on his newly found fame and is now a stand up comedian and has released a song as well.

Majulle’s real name is Hlupheka Mbunda.

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