The many times Nico Matlala has been in trouble

This guy has received the raw end of the deal when it comes to the media.

If you google Nico Matlala’s name, there is hardly anything positive written about the guy.

And we could fairly say that the socialite has brought all of this attention onto himself.

If you google his name, the first five stories about Nico are about all the drama he has been involved in throughout the year.

This past weekend we learned that he was allegedly involved in a car theft and just a few months ago it was revealed that he hit Shaun the stylist with a brick after snatching Shaun’s ex from him

We clearly remember how ruthless he was at bragging about claiming Shaun’s ex-girlfriend.


Speaking of ex-girlfriends he was then embroiled in an alleged love triangle with Winnie Ntshaba and Palesa Madisakwane. Although the two ladies hardly spoke about the love triangle allegations, Winnie, a few days after the rumored reports broke, posted a picture of herself and Palesa with the caption:

“Chilling with my peeps”


Clearly shutting down rumours that they were no longer friends because of the whole Nico situation.


Then there was Nico’s relationship with singer KB, the couple dated for a brief moment and was said to have dumped KB. The break-up led to KB moving out of Nico’s house, Sunday world, even captured exclusive pictures of KB moving out of Nico’s place.

KB hardly spoke of the incident but did admit that her relationship with Nico was a real learning experience and it was actually the best thing that ever happened to her during an interview with True Love Magazine.

“In hindsight, that whole experience was the best thing that ever happened to me; it was a huge learning moment. I’m happy with my life now because of that difficult experience.” Said KB

KB also mentioned that people only knew half of the story and what they read in the media but if they knew the entire story behind her relationship with Nico, they would be shocked.

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