Nico Matlala pleads for people to leave him & Lebo alone

The annoying thing about having a public relationship is that when you break up, no matter how much you try to forget your ex, social media will keep reminding you. Especially when you’ve moved on with someone they don’t necessarily approve of.

Shaun Andlie Naki who is quite popular on social media as Shaun Stylist and his ex, Lebohang Mabe had racked up quite a following under the hashtag/moniker AndiHang (a combination of their names).The two we’re so happy together, that literally every chance they got, they wore matching outfits and did almost everything together. They were almost like the Siamese twins, inseparable.

That love story was however short lived when a small group of social media users were shook when Lebohang was pictured boo’ed up with someone new in the form of the 32-year-old Nico Matlala. Matlala has been paired with a few celebrities before in celebville and not all of them have nice things to say about him. From being called a con artist, fraudster, liar and a man who uses women for material things, Nico isn;t really a favorite when it comes to women, in comparison to Shaun anyway.

In recent Nico and Lebo news, Nico posted a video on Instagram where he addresses people and asks them to stop trolling Lebo and filling and leave them alone because Lebo is not going anywhere.

See Part 1

Part 2…

After these videos went viral, social media uses went into their archives and started to compare Lebo with Nico now and how she was when she was with Shaun. They say pictures tell a thousand words and judging by this screenshot from the video, Lebo might have been happier with Shaun.

Bring back Lebo and Lebo

Ku rough!

Bring back Shaun and Lebo

And the memes just came rolling in. Shame it looks like Lebo was crying here.

Bring back Shaun and Lebo

Hopefully, people will respect Nico’s plea and leave them alone. But for now, Lebo has undoubtedly won the meme of the week challenge. Just check out the #NicoMatlalaChallenge videos

Image credit: Twitter

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