Uh oh! Polygamist Musa may have inspired Papa Penny to take a 2nd wife

Twitter predicted that Papa Penny’s visit to KZN businessman Musa Mseleku’s house would spell trouble for Mama Nomi, who was worried that Papa Penny might be inspired to take a second wife… and they were right!

In last night’s episode of the Tsonga musician’s reality show, Papa Penny revealed that having asked Musa lots of questions about his lifestyle, he wants to convince Mama Nomi to be okay with the fact that he would take another wife.

Musa is a polygamist with four wives and has a reality show called Uthando Nes’thembu.

However in true Papa Penny style, he said if Musa has four wives, then he might have to have five or six. Twitter was left in stitches when they saw him “flirting” with a woman they thought was a potential wife, but luckily it didn’t get that far (yet).

Twitter had just the right memes for the occasion.





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