WATCH : Aya Kwini Music Video – Jovislash ft Boti Majulie

Jovislash does it again, the last time he did a trending video was with the Bayanya Laba which was a parody of Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha.  Jovislash has clearly been putting a fair amount of work since and he just dropped the dancefloor ready Aya Kwini ft Boti Majulie which has been making waves.

The person behind the phrase Yena aya Kwini is now a celebrity. Yena Aya Kwini is a Tsonga phrase which loosely translate ”Serves you right, where were you going?”.

Buti MaJulle famously known as Yena Aya Kwini by social media users about to hit it big time.

Majulle first appeared in a video in which he is blaming a family member who is spreading gossip about him.

In the video he tells a story that about a family member who  tells people that he goes to loan sharks

He then he asks : “when I go to the loan sharks, must I report that I went to a loan shark ? Does she not go to the loan sharks? Who is she anyway? is she a white person?

Majulle then continues to say  the family member talks about him wherever she goes because she want to be ”given tea” in his name.

He says when the family member swears at her, everyone become excited about it.

He says the family member even call him Ngwendzha (a person who is afraid of getting married).

He then goes on to say the family member accuses him of having seen several women enter his place.

And then that’s where he says Yena Aya Kwini – (where was she going when she saw all those things she accuses me of?

Then Mzansi people adopted this phrase and started using it hilariously on social media.

There’s already a Yena Aya Kwini Song.

Some says when your partner catches you red-handed cheating, the best comeback is ‘Yena Aya Kwini’?, (where was she/he going for him/her to see this)?

July himself has become very famous and  is already getting gigs both a singer and a entertainer.

Watch the music video below:


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