DJ Zinhle: Life on social media and unfollowing celebrities

For any ordinary person, when it comes to social media, the more people you follow the more followers you have, but for media personality DJ Zinhle who now only follows 354 people on Instagram but has 1.4 million followers, has had to stop following a lot of people in order to focus.


Speaking to the Touch HD, team in a recent interview, the DJ revealed that she does not like the way social media is unrealistic and misleading a lot of people to an extent where they even attempt to live the lives they see on the ‘gram.

“The thing about Instagram is that you follow a lot of people and you get mislead, it’s just unrealistic…how can you not be envious sometimes, and this is why we’re all misled by Instagram and social media and try to live-up to standards that we don’t even know…” said DJ Zinhle

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Referring to a Bible verse that speaks about bragging to your neighbors, Zinhle says that, that is exactly what Instagram users use it for and that was the reason she unfollowed a lot of celebrities.

“Honestly at some point, I had to unfollow everyone in the industry, I follow DJ’s now…I just needed to be away from that whole thing,” she said.

Dj zinhle's instagram screenshot

Zinhle went on to urge listeners to not be pressured by what they see on Instagram or on social media but rather focus on building themselves instead.

“Strip this burden off you, just do you, just work…forget your neighbor on Instagram, unfollow your neighbor” she said

The DJ also added that social media users are ignorant and will do anything to get your attention and that whoever is on social media should stop giving social media so much power.

“We’re giving social media too much power, people put you in a position where they think you can’t hurt and they say things to get attention and a reaction…people are just ignorant, they don’t know what they talking about…” she added.

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Main Image Credit; Instagram/@DJZinhle

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