Skolopad talks mental health, the beef with Zodwa & her love life

Kwaito artist and red carpet sensation, Queen Skolopad is literally one of those people who appeared overnight.

All it took was one racy dress for her to capture the attention of the nation who now often wonder what she will be shocking people with at her next red carpet appearance.


Her eye-catching outfits aren’t reserved solely for the red carpet however as Skolopad can often be found turning heads on a regular day as she did earlier today at Starbucks in Rosebank during an official Q&A session with the Feather Awards in the lead up to the main event next month.

Skolopad states that the theme for today’s outfit was “construction,” complete with “potholes” in her jeans which matched her surrounding as Rosebank is currently undergoing some major construction and roadworks.


 Queen Skolopad says she has always been around homosexual people and is glad that she never witnessed the heterosexual men in her life mistreating them in anyway but she understands how hard they have it in other environments.

She believes that if people learn to live among homosexual people, they will eventually see them as normal and no longer harbour any hate towards them.

She is currently nominated in two categories (alongside performer, Zodwa Wabantu) in the country’s biggest LGBTI awards ceremony; socialite of the year and drama queen of the year.

queen skolopad and daughter

She is excited about taking her daughter to the awards as her date. “She’s my umbrella. Normally I’m alone when I go to these events but I think having her supporting me will kinda like… give me that encouragement [to say] ‘mama this is what you’ve always wanted,'” explains Skolopad.

She won’t be taking any other date to the Feathers however as Skolopad is single.

“No dear, I don’t have. I only have puff and puffs” laughs Skolopad, before adding “ama hit and runs, for now, because I don’t want to commit myself and you know mos, these people they need time… and if you don’t have time for them, it’s not nice, it’s like you’re hurting them. So we just negotiate, gore ‘wasteba keng? Let’s just have fun…'”

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When asked what she plans to wear to the event, she gave no secrets away but said that she has full faith in her designer who understands how sexy and flashy she loves to be.

Those who are familiar with Skolopad’s style would assume that she looks up to the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Lil Kim but Skolopad surprisingly lists Bonang Matheba and Beyonce as her style icons.

queen skolopad

Seeing as today is World Mental Health Day, we also spoke about her experience with mental health seeing as she is a professional nurse. Instead, Skolopad surprised us by revealing that she too struggles with her mental health.

“Kaofela ha rona, we do have that struggle but one cannot always identify it because they don’t know, but nna as a nurse, I understand that each person has his or her own struggles…I’ve been there before. Stressed… Depressed… and then they even said I have bipolar but I know that you can still go on and achieve what you wanted, even with mental illness. It doesn’t always happen that you withdraw yourself.” 

Zodwa Birthday

Lastly, we spoke about her so-called beef with Zodwa Wabantu, which was sparked when Zodwa reportedly refused to pose with Skolopad at an event for fear of damaging her brand by being associated with her.

“The way she reacted, even my child said ‘is she okay? Why is she being like that?’ because it’s like onale problem ka nna and even if that’s the case, you don’t show people”

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She then went on to say that Zodwa could have handled the photo situation differently, even going so far as to say that if she was Zodwa Wabantu, she would have asked the photographer to hold on as she had something else to do and then she wouldn’t have returned to take the photo.

Skolopad also went on to say that she doesn’t even think Zodwa has that much of a problem with her and she’s just playing into the hands of the media and the public who are fueling this so-called beef. “If uya’acta ke pele ya batho, bathloku’pusha into that thing and nna that’s why I’m not being pushed. Because I know…”

Skolopad simply ended the interview off on a shady and very nonchalant note, saying“ha ke na stress. Motho o tlo etsa ntoe ayibatlang ka mmelo ya hae akere? And ho ba copy cat it’s a nice thing akere?”

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