“Who The F%#K Did This To Me?” Asks Riky Rick

In living with the spirit of Riky Rick being the self-proclaimed ‘King Kotini’, he spoiled himself with threads fresh from the International fashion runways and decided to have a photo shoot to model his new, rare designer pieces to his followers and fans.

Things took an unexpected turn as an image from the shoot became very popular in an unforeseen way. Riky got turned into a meme by the vicious and sometimes unforgiving Black Twitter community.

After the release of his Stay Shining EP, we saw Riky take a different style direction, slightly deviating from that one specific Italian brand that he dearly loved and pledged allegiance to when he put a permanent ink mark of it on his neck. It is no surprise that Riky has found another international designer – he is, after all, the King Kotini.

Who the f%#k did this to me?,” exclaims Riky on Twitter as he finds out that his cool pose has been turned into a meme. The original image by the Sidlukotini hitmaker has been photoshopped and sees the rapper now sitting on a toilet seat in what appears to be a very dodgy public toilet.

We cannot help but wonder if Riky Rick will follow in the footsteps of many of his peers and fully commit to creating a fashion label. We would love to know how you feel about this.

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