Babes Wodumo wants to open up an old age home after she just bought her parents a house

Born under a strict household with a mom and dad who disapproved of her love for partying and dancing, little did they know that their parents would be enjoying the fruits of Babes passion.


In a recent interview with Drum Magazine, Babes Wodumo gave an exclusive interview to the publication together with her parents – Mbongeni and Thokozile Simelane.

In the interview, her parents spoke about how they never really approved of Babes passion for dancing and her love for partying. Instead, they preferred that she pursue a career in becoming a social worker as she loved children and older citizens.

Little did her parents know that by following her passion for dancing and entertaining people would lead the entire family to a life of joy, happiness whilst helping other people in the process.

During the interview, her proud father then told Drum that Babes recently bought them a house in Glenwood Durban and that she is also planning on opening an old-age home soon as well.

“I will call you when we open the old-age home. The home is already registered – I just came back from the meeting to finalize a few things.” Said Mrs. Simelane

Hats off to Babes Wodumo for bringing joy to her family and helping society at the same time.

Grab a copy of the latest Drum magazine it’s quite an interesting read.

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 Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BabesWodumo

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