Talitha Ndima is so bae


If there’s one actress we’ve had our eyes glued on, it’s this lady right here.

Even though she’s acted on many local TV shows, it is her role as Phumza on iGazithat made us appreciate the actress even more.

It is also her care-free nature that has got a lot of people mesmerized by Thalitha’s great personality.

Remember when she appeared on an episode of Date My Family and was constantly rooting for her brother to win a date?


We’ve also come to love Talitha’s hair chronicles as well. Just like Zola Nombona she looks good with almost any hairstyle she rocks, especially her afro.


Talitha also has that thing about her that makes every man look good when standing next to her, maybe that’s why we keep thinking she’s such a catch.

Although she’s probably good friends with all these actors, which guy amongst these thespians would make a great match with Thalitha

Could it be Cedric Fourie?

Thalitha 5

Ooh but what about her and Phila Madlingozi?

Ndima 6

Ok, so now we’re kind of confused because her and Kay Sibiya look kinda cute when posing together as well.


Oh ok, we can definitely see her and Thato Molamu as a couple.


But then again we sometimes wish that her on-screen romance with Naak Musiq was real.


Then there’s this picture of her and Isthembiso’s Scelo Dlamini


So if you had the opportunity to have Talitha go on a blind date with any of these gentlemen, which of the guys would you choose for her?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Thalitha_Ndima

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