Which Distruction Boys dance off is your favourite?

It’s almost Distruction Boys month

Distruction Boyz

Seeing that Distruction boys season is official here. It would only be fair for us to look back at the times that this duo kept us off our seats and popping a real sweat on the dance floor.

For months now, this Gqom duo has kept us on our feet with their unique sound and killer dance moves. It’s no wonder they say that relationships are ending on November 30th until January because truth be told, some real ratcheness is about to go down this festive season. The duo consisting of Thobani Mgobozi and Zipho Mthembu made the right decision to produce their own music after they produced one of 2016’s biggest tracks Wololo.

SABC tried to kill our dream when they banned the Omunye song after they alleged it promoted unprotected sex, But the duo was determined to make the SABC understand that their music is all about a good time and has nothing to do with sex.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Distruction Boys #OmunyeChallenge dance off

Ladies, how many of you’ll would pull off your wig once Distruction Boys comes on?

Fash Ngobese the king of skits even got in on the action, when he created a parody of how he thinks Distruction Boy’s hit Omunyewas actually created.

This dance off happened at the music video shoot of Omunye which feature the one and only Khanyi Mbau and DJ Tira himself, are you ready for the music video?

Image credit: Instagram.com/@distruction_boys

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