Former Miss SA 2016: Ntando Kunene enjoys some down time in Mauritius

After her reign as Miss South Africa 2016, Ntando Kunene has decided to take a much needed break.

Ntando Kunene

As she lives her best life in the islands of Mauritius

After the controversy surrounding Miss South Africa being rigged, Ntando Kunene seems happy to be out of her reign and living life like it’s golden.We can’t help but gush at all the fun Ntando is getting up to in Mauritius, Ntando is even now freely posting pictures of cocktails. Which was a rule not to be broken whilst she reigned as Miss South Africa.

That bikini body though!

It wouldn’t be a real island vacation without enjoying a joy ride on a boat.

A source close to Ntando has told us that she has no plans on being part of the entertainment industry like Liesl Laurie but rather choosing to pursue a career in Education.

There are more celebs who enjoyed their Easter vacation this past weekend.

Tshego Seakgoe visited the Eastern Cape:

And Boity visited Harare, Zimbabwe but was this work or pleasure?

Hmmm…who knows.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Kunene_Ntando

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