Nicole Nyaba is the ultimate bad girl

Nicole Nyaba's supposed boyfriend puts her on blast for cheating

Love her or hate her, Nicole Nyaba is the ultimate baddie

Following the allegations that AKA was cheating on current girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, Instagram model Nicole Nyaba has been the talk of the town. Many might argue that the attention did some damage to her brand but did it really…?

Nicole Nyaba

You can’t be a South African with Instagram and say that you don’t know who Nicole Nyaba is. She’s one of those girls who do the things to make our data disappear on the gram. She’s also the type that will make you get mad at bae for liking her pictures.

Whether the rumors are true or not, since the scandal broke, Nicole has become one of those names we’ll always mention in passing when bringing up AKA and Bonang. Besides being an Instagram model (bab-bad) and appearing in music videos or being mentioned in music by your faves, Nicole also hosts parties.

As a result, she has to keep her fans (and secret fans) up to date about her moves. She often does so by participating in saucy shoots and shaking the timeline every time the images drop. Check out some of the best:

Nicole Nyaba by John Haynes
Nicole Nyaba
Nicole Nyaba

Ladies would you let bae follow her or attend one of her parties?

Nicole Nyaba
Nicole Nyaba

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