ANALYSIS: EFF to help Fifi Cooperson with her case with Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The SA Hip Hop Analyst & Youtube Star(Over  1.5 Million Views) Tusko_D analysis EFF’s request to help Fifi Cooper.

The analysis addresses if the EFF’s request to help Fifi Cooper is politically motivated? Also if Ambitious Ent winning cases helps clear their name.

This are the comments from the Youtube Channel:

hi tusko, personally i think fit cooper has no chance of winning this, i study music contracts and music law and she needs to understand if you not smart enough to read or give a lawyer your contract to evaluate the terms and conditions of signing to a label contract that has clauses that say in clear print thats the label keeps all masters of your tracks recorded by them during the period they are signed to the label. fifi should just realize she got screwed . next time if anyone needs help on contracts refer them to me ill do it for free , fuck these blood sucking labels they try to get make money after your death . thats the definition of selling your soul, holla @musicindeed we help artist struggling threw this shit.

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eric gaearwe
EFF never loses a case bra.


Eff bazonya juju will show them 😎😎😎😎😎


MALEMA my president……. definitely EFF will win the case


Prince jama
Well with Advocate Dali Mpofu involved she is in good hands,there’s hope for Fifi.


gerard middleton
please follow @musicindeedAfrica on instagram please send mean inbox if you need your contract to be read WE WILL DO IT FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to Tusko(Mr Flow So Good) for the insight, keep it up bro.Labels from Africa need to stop ripping off the future of our generation, we need to be united and and stand up not just as South Africans but africans that trying to make change and and bring positevety to the culture of african music.


Yo man, i know you don’t do the reactions, but can you react to Joyner Lucas- Im not racist


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Umjida le jazi same whatsapp group
really sad…I hate that record label…can you imagine what Fifi is going through?
we must also check when was ambitiouz established and since then how many artists have left,which is not good for any business
at least she will get some justice cause they just can’t act like that. fifi does need help
bullshit never happen its just hype juju is useless
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sometimes in life you take the L. thats it. artists often get impatient on their come-up and sign to nonsense
Bro what’s the model of those M-Audio monitors ?
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