Mthokozisi shares letter of motivation from fan amidst abuse claims

Just hours after he released a statement  in response to claims that he had allegedly assaulted a young woman in a Johannesburg flat over the weekend, Mthokozisi has shied away from the controversy to share a letter of motivation he received from a stranger.

Taking to social media Mthokozisi shared the hand written note, which he said was given to him by a stranger. In the letter the person urged him to pray for the “curse” on his family to be lifted.

The star, who lost both his parents and his young son, went to ground after didn’t win the Idols title earlier this month, but resurfaced this past weekend in the wake of the assault accusations.

The note read: “Mthokozisi. When you get home tonight, you need to pray. Ask God to break the curse and the spirit of death over your family.”

It went on encourage Mthokozisi to dedicate his music to God to break the “cycle of poverty” in his family.

The star said he cried all the way home after the incident and stuck it on the fridge.

In a statement released earlier in the day, Mthokozisi responded to the assault case,  explaining that he had come back to Johannesburg to cooperate with police and would allow the law to take its course.

“In as much as this has affected me, the craft God blessed me with, the family, friends and fans negatively; but let us please let our SA law handle the matter rightfully. I plead with Team Mthokozisi and everyone to not attack the complainant on social media. We do not know what issues she may be dealing with. Please Mzansi, let us continue taking a stand against violence on women and children.”

Police have confirmed to TshisaLIVE that a case of assault was opened against Mthokozisi and was currently being investigated.

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