Former child star turned-actor, musician and producer, Sipho Ngwenya, aka “Psyfo”, has moved on from his longtime lover Hulisani CC Ravele.

Psyfo and Hulisani dated for over 10 years and were often rumoured to be close to getting married, however‚ fans were shocked earlier this year as claims surfaced that the pair had split.

Since the break up Psyfo has become more open about his current relationship with his new girlfriend Aamirah but the public seemed to be offended.

One Instagram user suggested he was wrong to move on from Hulisani so fast.

Psyfo‚ who hardly ever spoke of his relationship with Hulisani‚ told the user to focus on her life and not his.

“Please don’t be rude my sister. Let me live. You focus on your life and I will do mine‚” he said.

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