Vatiswa Ndara talks her suicide attempt

She said that all she wanted was to escape that dark space in her life.

Actress Vatiswa is without a doubt one of the most thought out actresses in the industry and with her role as uNomarussia on iGazi, we’ve come to appreciate her talent even more.


In any case, the actresses career hasn’t always been a walk in the park, as some of you can think. In an interview with Mapaseka on Kaya FM, Vatiswa shared a very dark period in her life which lead her to attempt suicide.

She shared how that particular dark period began when multiple doors were shut in her face when she disclosed a complaint against being sexually harassed by a certain person at the SABC.


After the complaint, Vatiswa shared how everything that could go wrong went wrong from having her multiple freelance contracts terminated to being barred from entering the SABC Africa offices.

However, things began to lighten up and she got a job at Highveld, she then resigned from Highveld after she was offered a job opportunity on Generations. Unfortunately, that job fell through when the sexual harassment complaint resurfaced again & Generations could no longer hire her.


This was a difficult time in Vatiswa’s life that on the day she lost the Generationsjob, she contemplated suicide.

“The day when that happened, I spoke to myself and I could understand why I needed to go on that day. It was just a decision like that. It was a case of ‘I really can’t take it, so this is what needs to happen my son will probably have a better life.” She said.

Vatiswa at that moment had planned that she would leave some money for her son so that when he found her body he would have enough coins to call somebody. Her son was only 11 at that time, Vatiswa had mixed antidepressant pills, J-fluid, Handy Andy, Jik and methylated spirits to drink.

“I knew this was going to do it, there was no way I was going to survive with all these pills and everything I drank. I remember that day I cleaned the house, I cleaned before I did all this so at least people come to a clean place.”

After drinking the concoction,  the actress fell gravely ill but did not go to the Doctor until months later. All she did was drink boiling water until she was able to get her strength back.

Vatiswa added that all she wanted to do was to work and provide security for her ill mother and son.

Fast forward to 2017 and Vatiswa is one of the most celebrated actresses in the country with a new book that she released in November.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@VatiswaNdara

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