A-Reece speaks about the difficulties of living in a “white suburb”

Rapper A-Reece says that his neighbours hate him and his “wrecking crew” friends because they do not understand how a young black man can afford to live in such an affluent area.

Speaking to Slikour in a recent interview, A-Reece said that his neighbours were suspicious of him and his friends and took pictures of their house and cars.

“Sometimes in the morning we smoking outside. Next thing, a white lady is taking pictures. She comes back and gives us a look. It’s crazy,” the Paradise rapper said, before Slikour recounted his own experience of being stared at outside the house.

Although they would not reveal the location of the house they all share together, they said it is in a “white suburb” not far from Pretoria.

One of A-Reece’s crew claimed that “they hate us and we hate them”, while another recounted how they had been “sabotaged” and had the lights cut on them.

“They cut the lights because we were making too much noise. A lot can happen in one day. Imagine living here for three months,” they said.

They claimed the police had been called on them and said that there had recently been a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion.

“Let’s just say there was a huge misunderstanding and that lady is hella racist. And she blew it out of proportion because she is racist.”

A video of cops confronting A-Reece and his friends was posted on social media in August, with the rapper claiming he was not scared of law enforcement.

A-Reece was one of several artists to leave Ambitiouz Entertainment earlier this year and told TshisaLIVE that leaving the record label forced him to be more responsible.

“It’s crazy and it’s hard. I’ve had to learn to be more responsible and consider the business side of making music now that I’m independent. I am, however, enjoying the freedom to do whatever I want, especially in making music,” he said.

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