Nozipho Nkelemba & Richard Lukunku’s love is private

Nozipho3The couple have been together for a few years now and the way they were able to keep it on the low is quite commendable.

Celebrities face all sorts of critisism as they are being in the public eye, the critisism extends from physical apperance to their personal lives.

Nozipho and Richard have always been private about their relationship, so private that for the longest of time the public didn’t know they were together. Last year was the very first time the couple went public about their relationship on social media and we love to see how they love one another privately.


We first met Nozipho as the pretty young school-girl Charlotte from Etv’s Rhythm City. She later went on to steal our hearts when she appeared on BET as part of SABC 2’s Heartlines series and When we were black.

Her biggest role however, came when she played the role of Nala, a woman who was physically and emotionally abused by her husband on Yalla.

Her husband Richard is also a flourishing actor of his own. He has appeared on shows such as Rhythm City, Isidingo, Ashes to Ashes but we love the “Sell It” campaign that he did for OLX, remember that? But he has a really great acting portfolio both national and international. Lukunku also has a few award nominations to his name.


The lovebirds are public about their love but they don’t share that many details about their relationship which we can respect. Maintaining a relationship in the public eye is not easy. The couple share a son together and he’s the spitting image of his mother.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@NoziphoNkelemba

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