Tumi Morake and Mpho Osei-Tutu celebrate their 8th anniversary together

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2017 has been a very tough year in for many celebrities when it comes to their relationships. We’ve seen relationships become stronger and we’ve seen some die a natiral death.


Well, on a lighter note we imagine that these two share one of the most exciting relationships in the entertainment space. Tumi Morake and Mpho Osei-Tutu celebrated their 8th marriage anniversary this past weekend and it was nothing short of fabulous.

Like many other couples, the #AwesomeTutu’s as they call themselves lowkey compete to see who will get the other the best gift. We’re not favoring anyone but our girl Tumi took the crown even Mpho said so himself. Tumi got her bae the latest iPhone X and though we don’t know what he got her we’ll take his word for it when he says: He was “out-gifted”


The two spent their weekend at the Palazzo Hotel In Montecasino Fourways where they were showered with gifts as they celebrate their love.


Congratulations to the Tutu’s and may they be an inspiration to fellow South African couples.

Main Image:  Instagram/@mphooseitutu

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