Killer Kau receives his grade 11 results.


Sakhile is definitely going to matric next year.

Sakhile became an overnight sensation with his hit single Tholukuthi and he has found his feet and has become comfortable in the music scene. Some artists did not finish school pursuing the music carrer while also becoming famous at a young age often leads to the artist dropping out of school or not performing the way they used to anymore, many started to question if Euphonik will make sure Killer Kau and Mbali stays in school.

In previous interviews Killer maintained that as much as he is noa making music school is his first priority.

Killer Kau released a new single after the all so popular Tholukuti’hey anthem called Shikisha and yesterday he released a new banger called M’thelele Something. Although Mbali is not featured on this particular single, he says they are still good friends and that they plan to make more music together.


“Yesterday I released a new track that is called M’thelele Something and it is available on my website. Me and Mbali are still really good friends. We both passed and are both promoted to the next grade. I love making music and I will continue to make it.”  He said.

For those of you who doubted Killer Kau’s, well now you know that he is really focused and that school is still his main focus.

Killerkau’s music is available to download on his website

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