Somizi says gay and straight guys can be friends.

We already know that Somgaga is an open book especially when it comes down to his sexuality.

The proudly gay super star has been out of the closet since the 90’s, yes when it was still taboo to be gay and he has a lot of heterosexual friends and some people don’t understand the concept of gay men being good friends with heterosexual men without having sex.

In a recent interview on Trending SA on SABC 3, the star spoke about the misconception that straight men can not be friends with gay men, “What is wrong with two people who are genuinely friends but their sexuality is different? What is wrong with two people who are friends, or lovers, but their races are different? Let’s stop this stigma. Not every gay man wants to be in your pants. Also, we have a type,” he said.

Image credit: Instagram/somizi

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