Are Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka still together?

Ntando duma and her boyfriend

Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka were slowly becoming one of our favorite young couples until the rumors started…

Since the announcement of Ntando’s pregnancy, Ntando and Junior’s relationship stated to get more attention than before and the two slowly became our faves. In recent months, we saw social media start to speculate on whether the two are still together or not.

Junior was spotted with a girl known as Lihle B several times and the rumour mill says that she is the reason behind their “break up”.

Are Junior De ROcka and Ntando Duma still together?

A few months ago, twitter CSI thought that the “baby” of  a certain Instagram user (named Lihle B) was actually Junior.

De Rocka was then spotted hanging out with Lihle by “Twitter detectives” who were on the case once again when they noticed that the arm of the man featured in Bhengu’s Instagram stories featured a tattoo that looks a whole lot like De Rocka’s .

Lihle B junior de rocka
Are Junior De ROcka and Ntando Duma still together?

What lead many fans of the couple to believe that the relationship is over is the fact that they started posting less and less pictures of one another. In fact, they almost don’t post one another at all.

Because they have a beautiful baby together, they have no choice but to be in one another’s lives and have a good relationship that will benefit their daughter.

Do you think that their relationship is over?

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