South Africans have suggested a lot of times that Bathabile Dlamini is a heavy drinker. Well she has said it many times before and on Friday she repeated it.

“I don’t drink!” said Social Development Minister and ANC Women’s League leader Bathabile Dlamini, speaking on Real Talk With Anele on SABC3.

She has been criticised many times about her alleged drinking, and each time she has said she doesn’t touch liquor.

She has also been accused of addressing a crowd while drunk and rambling through her speeches.

Dlamini said perhaps the way she moves her hands when she speaks confuses people.

She said even if she wanted to drink, she couldn’t.

“I take medication in the morning and at night. At what time would I drink?”

Her spokeswoman Lumka Oliphant joined her in studio.

“She hates alcohol,” said Oliphant.

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