2017 Celeb Break Ups.

Zwai melanie

Earlier this month, we invited YOU, the ZAlebs reader to vote in the first ever ZAlebs awards and now that voting is closed, we’re revealing which ZAlebs came out tops in each category according to you.

While the year 2016 gained notoriety for being one of the worst years in existence, 2017 had enough ups and downs to keep everyone happy. The following four break ups shook the nation and therefore qualify as some of the worst news Entertainment fans have received this year.

Thembi and Bo 

Many were shocked to find that not only had Thembi Seete split from her longtime boyfriend, Bo, but that they had kept it a secret for an entire year.

Mel and Zwai 

Melanie Bala

Readers were equally as shook to find that one of the country’s fixtures on the relationship scene was no more. They were also disheartened in the weeks following the announcement to hear horrible details of how the marriage had soured.

Psyfo and Cici


Another relationship that the country was collectively invested in was that of former YoTV presenters, Sipho ‘Psyfo’ Ngwenya who now goes by the name ‘Sidwell’ and Hulisani ‘Cici’ Ravele.


Ngwenya has since moved on to a new romance while Ravele has yet to confirm or deny the presence of anyone new in her life.

Unathi and Thomas 


Unathi and Thomas Msengana were a couple that belonged to the old guard – a group of couples that we all thought were unshakeable, so it was understandable that news of their split trended for days on end.

According to you all however, the most memorable split was that of Unathi and Thomas

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