Lawyers Demand Over 3 Million Rand’s from Cassper Nyovest for Destroying Rawbust Productions Footage

Rapper REFILOE MAELE PHOOLO (A.K.A CASSPER NYOVEST) has been furnished with a letter of demand by the lawyer on behalf of Rawbust Productions demanding over 3 Million Rand’s from Cassper Nyovest for the damages he caused to the production house on the 13th December 2017 at Gold Reef City during the SAHHA2017.

With the help of some technical people we managed to retrieve one Caspper’s clip which shows the cause of the whole altercation.

Rawbust Productions has previously committed to updating other media and fans regarding the matter as per the subject above. We would like to report that on the 20th December 2017 our lawyers sent the letter of demand to Refiloe Maele Phoolo and the instruction is as follows:

Letter of demand read in part “Please note that due to your actions, our client has suffered extensive damages as that footage was to be sold to several broadcasting companies and was to be uploaded onto Youtube and their own website

Our client has been able to obtain the services of an IT specialist to retrieve the footage however only a partial amount of footage was recovered, being 2 interviews. We are further advised that the rest of the interviews together with the remainder of the footage covering the event is corrupted and cannot be recovered. Please note that the costs incurred for the IT specialist will be due and payable by yourself in the amount of R24 500.00 (TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED RAND). A copy of the invoice for the specialist is attached hereto as annexure A.

Please note that in addition to selling the footage to several broadcasting companies, our client was to utilize this footage on its mobile app as well as upload same onto youtube and their own website.

Further, your actions as mentioned above has resulted in our client suffering loss of income in the amount of R3 000 000.00 (THREE MILLION RAND).

It is therefore our instruction to demand from you, as we hereby do, payment of R3 024 500.00 (THREE MILLION, TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED RAND) within 14 (FOURTEEN) days from date hereof, failing which further legal steps will be taken against you, the costs of which will be for your own account”.

What happened at the SAHHA2017

Cassper Nyovest was passing the Rawbust Productions production team and we asked for an interview, he agreed but said it had to be quick. We started the interview by congratulating him. He thanked his fans then left. He later came back after the interviewer(Thulani also known as Tusko_D) asked him if the interview is done soo quick and he said he can ask another question.

Tusko_D then told him with success comes hate. Congratulated him for 10 Million streams. Then asked about his thoughts on that RISA statement that was contrary to what he said. He then called Tusko_D a bitch for asking the question and walked out them came back and ordered Spike to break our camera and they would buy us a new one. We then educated him that he does not have to break the camera he can take the memory card and remove his interview and leave our all day of work. Spike started dragging the camera backstage. The team started to appeal this and Spike said delete the footage.

We were now back stage and we tried deleting the footage. But Cassper was still shoving Tusko_D on the other side saying he thinks he is smart. He will learn.

Cassper kept telling Spike to break the camera he will buy us a new one. He continued shoving Tusko_D when he said we will delete Casspers Interview he must please leave us alone.

They then took the memory card went outside while Ousmic and security told us to wait in a dressing room till they were done with our footage. After some time a SAHHA employee came back with the memory card formatted.

All the days footage gone.

We are busy with the legal processes for the loss of our content which was going to be peached to broadcasters and published on two youtube channel the Rawbust Productions mobile app and our website.

Here are some photos for which the videos were deleted.

We are happy because there were a few witnesses on the scene who saw the whole thing.

We were fortunately able to put back the parts of the camera/microphone tempered with and unfortunately lost one cable and one memory card on the scene.

Tusko_D also wrote:

On the 14tth of December Metro FM had an interview with Tusko_D and one of the organisers of the SAHHA2017 whose name is Ausmic. The Organise claimed that Tusko_D was drunk, watch Tusko’s response here:

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