Analysis: AKA and Bonang break up again.

The SA Hip Hop Analyst & Youtube Star(Over  2 Million Views) Tusko_D analysis the situation between AKA and Bonang.

The analysis addresses if the couple has really broke up or if it is another publicity stunt.

Since it is not the first time they break up and the break up has been used as a publicity stunt before some think it could be the case again this time.

Tusko D is personally waiting to see the couple remove each other on social media before he can believe that it could be true.

Tusko also suggests that the break up could be true because of a post Bonang put out reading “…daaaaaaarling, fit in of fuck of…. i have things to do…I’m 30 I aint taking no shit no more…. welcome to it…

This are the comments from the Youtube Channel:

God bless your grind Tusko !! MORE LIFE TO 2018 !!


kgaugelo sebidi
lol Van Damme song at the background!


Matthew Gundu
So what happened with Cass??


Borris Humbu
Bossa do you know that it’s gon take a while to delete all those pics. 😅


Alonzo Abrahams
salute tusks are u the tuks from bona fela?


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