Celebs who made it through Youtube

Moshe Ndiki is a Youtube sensation that reinvented his brand and worked hard to become what we call him today, he’s now a host, an entertainer and an actor too, and he’s never let the chance of giving his fans the scoop, slip. There’s nothing that gives us more pleasure than watching artists on the come up, and watching these Youtube sensations become A-listers has been nothing short of amazing. Have you guys seen him on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen lately?

Khanyi Mbau’s little brother Lasizwe Dambuza has not had fame served to him on a silver platter and what he is today is the fruits of his labour as he now even shares his charismatic personality on Touch HD, and even made it on Nando’s latest advertisement.


Mihlali Ndamase is now a celebrity Make-up artist who came from just being a vlogger to becoming one of the most sought after make-up artist in the industry at just the age of 21. Get it Girl!


Main image credit: instagram.com/@moshendiki

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