Pics: Ntando Duma and Junior De Rocka co-parenting

Late last year Ntando Duma told Tshisalive that she was planning a future with Junior De Rocka. Wha a difference a year can make.

The young actress had just left Rhythm City to spread her wings and was one of the most talked about celebs in Mzansi. A few months later, as the year turned, it emerged that she was pregnant with Junior’s child and suddenly everything was changing quickly.

Reflecting on her pregnancy in May, Ntando told DJ Fresh on Metro FM that she “always wanted to start a family,” but felt like it may have come a little too early. Still, she was happy to be a mom.

Ntando took on more serious roles and stepped out of the spotlight a little to allow her the privacy to give birth in peace but rumours about her relationship with Junior continued to surface.

Twitter detectives provided “files” to show that the couple had called it quits but neither party would confirm.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Ntando refused to comment on the claims that she and Junior had split and angrily told us that she would not entertain any rumours about her private life and would only discuss her work.

Speaking to us a few weeks later, once his daughter had been born, Junior also refused to comment, only telling us that he loved being a dad.

“It was a big surprise but a pleasant one. It wasn’t planned at all. I love being a dad. It is great and I just want to spend every moment with my daughter. I love spending time with my daughter and things couldn’t be better in my life at the moment. I am glad how everything turned out,” Junior said.

The pair were shy to post about their relationship on social media, even while dating, but since the birth of their daughter they have not posted pictures together. Still, their page is filled with snaps of their little one.

Photoshoots and Snapchat filtered selfies, this is how Ntando and Junior have been co-parenting in the 21st century.

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