Pretoria based prophet Bushiri, known to his followers as Major 1 is said to have filled up FNB stadium with over 100 000 people. PICS: PROPHET BUSHIRI FILLS UP FNB WITH OVER 100 000 PEOPLE

According to Nyasa Times in the 29 years of FNB Stadium’s operation, no person has ever done what Prophet Bushiri keeps achieving by consistently filling the stadium with ever increasing figures.

Since the first 2015/16 Crossover Night, dubbed the Night of Lion of Judah; through the 2016/17 one, dubbed Night of Honey; Prophet Bushiri has been a consistent crowd puller with the recent one, dubbed Night of Angel Gabriel, seeing 100 000 tickets, selling at R10, selling out in 9 days.

Even if organizers squeezed in and produced 2 000 more tickets, it didn’t help either because, in a day, they were all over. To mean, they were thousands others who could not make it to the event because of capacity issues.

The Prophet clarified about stories going round about using FNB ticket money to enrich himself. He said that the entire event has a R11 million budget.
The R10 tickets, he said, was too minimal that the money realised was only used to produce the tickets which were principally for control purposes.
He underlined that much of the money used for the event came from his personal accounts.

Prophet Bushiri is also said to own investment companies with various entities such as hotels, airlines, consultancy agencies, mobile networks, mining, to name but a few.

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