SEE: Busiswa Shares Her Maternity Photoshoot Pics

As you might know by now, South African singer/poet Busiswa is pregnant and she just shared some amazing maternity snaps on social media.



Busiswa also had a beautiful baby shower

Kalawa Chikita celebrating the love of her unborn child with her loved ones.

Busiswa Gqulu

Musician Busiswa Gqulu recently broke the net when she announced her pregnancy, leaving fans with mixed emotions and quoting her passed lyrics about her not ever wanting to get pregnant, however now that the waters are calm and her fans and family are overjoyed and anticipating her delivery.

Busiswa’s close friends and family threw a suprise baby shower for the musician and she took to instagram to share a picture from her surprise baby shower saying how much she appreciatesthe love and support she is getting from the women in her life.

“One of the most magical things about expecting for me is realising how loved I am. And that I have a village of warrior women waiting with me in anticipation. And they are all there to show that love to the new member. I’m reeling from this love, I’m floating on it & I’m thankful for it. #mothertobe #yummymummy #surprisebabylaunch #Blessed” she said

Busiswa Gqulu

That was followed by more images from the baby shower on her instagram stories.

Busiswa Gqulu
Busiswa Gqulu
Busiswa Gqulu

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